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The Top 5 Flat Fee Listing Companies in Florida (2023 RANKING)

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Welcome to the beautiful sunshine state of Florida, from the beautiful sunsets to the magic of Disney & beyond, Florida home sellers are saving thousands by not selling their home with a Traditional Real Estate Agent!

Florida Flat Fee MLS companies have become very popular with Florida home

seller(s) because of their innovations & several advantages:

  • Listing options: Seller(s) have flexible options from $149.00 up to 1,499.00 for full service, saving the consumer thousands compared to the Traditional Agent.

  • Flexibility: Choose your co-op commission offered, find the buyer yourself? Pay 0% in commissions!

  • Service: Direct contact; All Calls, inquires, showing request, & offers go directly to you! Live within 24hrs, complete all required forms & sign online, & listing syndicates to 100's of third party sites like Zillow,, Redfin, Etc.

  • No Hidden Fees: "What you see is what you get" Florida Flat Fee MLS companies usually charge a one time fee upfront for listing the property on the local MLS. The packages are pretty self explanatory & detailed with the level of service you will receive.

  • Cancel Anytime: Most agents use an Exclusive Right-to-sell Contract, binding the seller to the agreement for a specific period of time. MLS Listing service companies use an Exclusive Agency Agreement, allowing the consumer to cancel anytime with no fees!

We’ve reviewed several Florida Flat Fee Listing Companies, researching and reviewing their services, reviews, coverage area, packages, & pricing! Here are our rankings in the Sunshine state:

The Top 5 Flat Fee Listing Companies in Florida

In the forefront of Florida's real estate industry, Simple Fee Listings, LLC stands out for its impressive commitment to customer satisfaction and affordability. This company has successfully revolutionized the traditional real estate model by offering a flat fee listing service that allows homeowners to sell their properties without the hefty commission fees that are typically associated with the process.

With Simple Fee Listings, LLC, sellers can take advantage of a multitude of services, including professional photography, 24/7 customer support, and a comprehensive MLS listing. Their services are designed to give property owners control over their listing while still ensuring high-quality service and maximum exposure. The company's reputation for excellence, integrity, and value for money makes it the top choice for flat fee listings in Florida.

2. List Now Realty

List Now Realty is another strong contender in the flat fee listing space in Florida. They offer a simple, one-time flat fee listing service that provides sellers with maximum exposure on the MLS. This service includes professional photos, a virtual tour, and a yard sign, amongst other benefits.

One key feature that sets List Now Realty apart is their commitment to transparency. They offer an upfront pricing model with no hidden fees, making the selling process more straightforward for homeowners. Their excellent customer service and knowledgeable team ensure that clients are supported throughout the entire selling process.

3. ADDvantage Real Estate Services

ADDvantage Real Estate Services is a reliable flat fee MLS listing company that serves the entire state of Florida. They offer several package options to cater to different needs, ranging from basic MLS listings to more comprehensive services that include contract review and negotiation support.

ADDvantage Real Estate Services prides itself on its commitment to technology, offering a user-friendly online platform where clients can manage their listings with ease. Their professional service, coupled with their innovative use of technology, earns them a spot on this list.

4. Flat Fee MLS Realty

Flat Fee MLS Realty is a pioneer in the flat fee listing industry in Florida. This company offers affordable flat fee MLS listing services that give sellers the opportunity to save thousands of dollars in commissions. They provide multiple listing packages, allowing sellers to choose the level of service that best suits their needs.

What stands out about Flat Fee MLS Realty is their dedication to providing personalized service. Despite the flat fee model, they ensure that each client receives individual attention and guidance throughout the selling process.

5. Beycome

Beycome is an online platform that provides flat fee listing services across Florida. They offer several package options for sellers, including the provision of professional photos, a yard sign, and listing on major real estate websites.

Beycome's strength lies in its user-friendly platform, which makes it easy for sellers to manage their listings. They also offer a range of supplementary services, such as home valuation and negotiation support, which can be valuable for first-time sellers or those looking for extra assistance.

Each of these flat fee listing companies provides a unique approach to real estate transactions, thus offering Florida homeowners a variety of options when it comes to selling their homes. Whether you prioritize customer service, technology, transparency, or personalized attention, there's a company on this list that will meet your needs and help you navigate the home selling process with ease and confidence.

HOW DOES IT WORK? (Simple Fee Listings, LLC)

  • ALL LEADS DIRECTED TO THE SELLER – This enables you to sell your property without any buyer agents involved saving even more money! We put your name, number and email address directly into the MLS ensuring showing requests are not delayed!

  • CONTROL – You have complete control of all scheduling, open houses, inspections, negotiations and timeline – less people involved expedites the sale!

  • EXPERIENCE – When you list with Flat Fee MLS Listing service you are working directly with a Broker/Agent – not an inexperienced agent. Brokers are required to have a higher level of education, experience, and knowledge than your traditional real estate agent. It is a wonderful advantage to Sellers who are utilizing a flat fee listing package with contract r

  • LATEST TECHNOLOGY– We provide our builders, investors, for sale by owner and cost conscious clients the same exposure in the same Multiple Listing Service (MLS) with IDX feeds to the same other websites as you would have if you paid 6% or more to list with a traditional real estate company!

  • LESS COMMITMENT – You may cancel the listing at any time without penalty; other companies may will lock you into a 6 month contract without an option to cancel, charge hundreds of dollars, or even 1.5% of the list price if you choose to cancel early!

  • LOWER COSTS – You set the commission (if any) offered to the buyer brokerage, whereas most brokerages require the seller to offer 3%. Our Sellers often offer a flat fee or percentage of the sale price, some offer bonuses and all our Sellers reserve the right to negotiate as they deem appropriate! Additionally, we forward ALL leads directly to the Seller which offers the Seller the opportunity to Sell their property without paying a commission to anyone!

  • NO BACKEND PROCESSING FEES – You will NOT be charged back-end fees whereas many Brokerages charge back end processing fees ranging from a couple hundred dollars to 1.5% of the sales price!

  • NOT A 3rd PARTY SITE – When you list with Simple Fee Listings you are not paying a middle company to refer you to another Brokerage (The lowest bidder), therefore you are not risking being referred to an inexperienced agent offering an inferior skill set. Examples of 3rd party referral sites:, Cornerstone MLS,,,,,,,, and more. 3rd party companies are not interested in finding the best brokerage to serve you as they are only concerned with maximizing their profit. Additionally, with Simple-Fee Listings you know ALL leads are being forwarded to you ensuring you the opportunity to sell your home paying zero dollars in commissions to anyone!

  • REFERENCES – You may view numerous testimonials on our website or upon request, we can place you in direct contact with one or more of our current or former client(s) so you have a true understanding of the quality of service we offer!

How to List on the MLS VIA

  • Step 1. Choose your listing package: Go to review our listing packages & pick which one is best for you based on your needs & wants. We always ask the question "how comfortable are you with the Real Estate transition process?" This will help clients determine what package is best for them.

  • Step 2. Complete online listing forms: After you sign up, we will send forms via email to electronically fill out. Once you complete all the forms by signing & sharing back, we then will review.

  • Step 3. List your home on local MLS: After we have completed our review & we have everything we need we will list your home on the local MLS. All homes are usually active within 24-48hrs, but we do have option for same day listing for an additional charge.

  • Step 4. Save thousands: Sell with us, save thousands! It's that simple!

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